Case Studies

MelOnDesignPrints Use Case

Customer Overview

MelOnDesignPrints is an online shop managed by Mel, based in the UK. The company provides wall art designs and collaborates with the British personalized on-demand printing company, Primegroup, as a part of their business process.

The Problem

When a customer places an order, there is a need to contact Primegroup to deliver the order details and get permission to print the design. The manual process of order management and keeping Prime group updated is not easy and can adversely affect the business process and quality.

The Solution

MelOnDesignPrints found a solution to their problem by using SellEnvo software. The software provided the following solutions to achieve their business goals:

  • Organize and manage online orders.
  • Customize SellEnvo according to MelOnDesignPrints’ business needs.
  • Fulfill the business process automatically.
  • Integrate orders from e-commerce platforms to the on-demand printing company automatically.

Sellenvo is a bespoke software that can be customized according to individual business needs, with future modifications available.

Value to the Customer

By using SellEnvo, MelOnDesignPrints was able to automate their business process, saving time, effort, and costs, while ensuring error-free processes with Primegroup. The process became more professional, effective, and easier, leading to a better customer experience and an increase in sales.

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