Case Studies

Customer Overview

Trackimo™ is a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider that aims to transform business models by developing customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and user-friendly. They aspire to improve user daily lives by providing leading-edge technology, enhanced security, and worldwide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices.

Customer’s Problem

Trackimo faced difficulty in managing their multiple sales channels, services, and interfaces that they had to switch between just to process an individual order. With around 100 orders per day and 1000 orders per month in different platforms, it was hard to determine which product had the highest value and best sellers. This made it challenging to decide the percentage of advertising and marketing appropriately and to have full insight into determining the profit or loss factor.

Given the nature of their industry, they were also keen to find a better way of managing pre-orders; taking payment, recording details, and processing orders. Additionally, Trackimo faced accounting problems in payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon, and tracing accounting Data, Shipping & Tax Requirements. As a result, accounting and inventory management software needed to work together seamlessly to understand the true cost of inventory to report accurately on profit and loss.

The Solution

The solution provided by SellEnvo is to integrate all data that comes into different inventories in one place to control the level of items and quantities across different fulfillment channels.

Some of the features that SellEnvo provides to help Trackimo include an extensive warehousing system that allows them to manage their large amounts of stock with a high level of accuracy. Reporting and accounting to manage information associated with different platforms. Direct integration with top couriers such as FBA to ensure goods are quickly and reliably shipped. An accounting system that integrates seamlessly with Trackimo inventory and order management. SellEnvo automates their invoicing and gives them greater visibility over costs, profits, and losses. Lastly, they can export their data to Excel or other accounting programs.

Benefits/Value to the Customer

SellEnvo has made it easy for Trackimo to increase their company’s revenue that they might not have been able to capture due to running out of inventory, or not having high-level visibility of their inventory, and focus on the most important items that are sold to achieve the largest profit from advertising.

SellEnvo allows them to have a much clearer view of where their sales stand and have greater control over stock numbers. This reduces the risk of ordering too much or too little products. By keeping closer control over their sales and focusing their stock-taking around the bestseller and highest value items, Trackimo can make better decisions for their business.

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