Case Studies

Use Case: Health Labs Nutra – Real-Time Inventory Management with SellEnvo

The Customer

Health Labs Nutra, a prominent nutraceutical company, specializes in creating high-quality herbal products to naturally improve health and address various medical conditions. Since its establishment in 2003, this Atlanta-based company has gained recognition across different brands, its e-commerce site, and various online marketplaces.

The Customer’s Problem

As Health Labs Nutra expanded its business, managing inventory across multiple marketplaces became a challenge. Real-time inventory management was crucial to prevent issues like overselling and underselling.

The Solution

To address this problem, Health Labs Nutra partnered with SellEnvo, a customizable software solution. With SellEnvo, they gained a centralized platform to manage orders, customers, and products effortlessly. The software automatically updates stock levels in real time, keeping track of low inventory and generating alerts when stocks reach minimum thresholds. This streamlined inventory management process allows for the easy addition of new products, all from a single user-friendly dashboard.

Benefits/Value to the Customer

By implementing SellEnvo’s real-time inventory management solution, Health Labs Nutra experienced a significant improvement in their customer experience, eliminating issues of overselling. This success empowered them to expand their business to new marketplaces and multi-channels, including popular platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. The integration of SellEnvo enabled Health Labs Nutra to enhance their operations and achieve better business efficiency.”

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