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Use Case: HEALTHY SUPPLIES and SellEnvo Integration


HEALTHY SUPPLIES is a top online health food store based out of Sussex, England. They provide their customers with the widest range of organic and eco-friendly food, drink, and lifestyle products online.

The Customer’s Problem

With a lot of suppliers, drop shippers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, HEALTHY SUPPLIES needed a way to automate and integrate all of them into their system. As they continued to grow, they also faced new obstacles, such as listing products across multiple channels, repurchasing stock from suppliers, updating prices and quantities for each item daily, and keeping accurate stock records up to date across all platforms.

The Solution

HEALTHY SUPPLIES turned to SellEnvo to help them overcome these obstacles. SellEnvo combined their different stores on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify into one online platform and linked it with their couriers, such as 3PLs, DHL, and their suppliers. Some of the solutions that SellEnvo provided to HEALTHY SUPPLIES include:

  • Enabling listings of products across multi-marketplace channels.
  • Ability to track stock reports and purchases.
  • Shipping automation with third-party logistics.
  • Automating and linking to their suppliers.
  • Tracking every change from suppliers and vendors.

Benefits/Value to the Customer

SellEnvo provided a streamlined platform to sync, manage, and ship their orders, allowing HEALTHY SUPPLIES to quickly list their products across eBay and Amazon channels and reduce problems and issues. By updating their data, sales channels automatically, and tracking each change by supplier or vendor, HEALTHY SUPPLIES was able to increase sales, efficiency, and decrease errors.

SellEnvo helped HEALTHY SUPPLIES save time, automate, and integrate more of their daily needs, ultimately enhancing the overall health and well-being of their customers.

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