Elevate your retail operations with SellEnvo’s BOPIS solutions and take your business to the next level.

Staying competitive with BOPIS

How in-store pickup can increase sales ?

  • 75% of US consumers were attracted by BOPIS and used it in the past year. Source: Raydiant

    Source: Raydiant

  • 67% of BOPIS shoppers take advantage of the convenience to add an additional item to their cart

    Source: International Council of Shopping Centers

  • 63% of BOPIS shoppers take advantage of the opportunity to make additional purchases while picking up their order in-store.

    Source: PYMNTS.com

  • The use of BOPIS can help businesses stay competitive, as a lack of this option has been shown to lead to a 1.8% drop in in-store sales and a 4.7% drop in online sales.

    Source: Harvard Business Review

When you choose us everybody wins

Increased customer satisfaction

With BOPIS, customers can get the items they want faster and more conveniently

Reduced shipping costs

BOPIS allows customers to avoid shipping costs, which can increase their overall satisfaction with your business

Improved customer loyalty

By providing a convenient and seamless shopping experience, retailers can improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Enhanced inventory management

BOPIS can also help retailers better manage their inventory as they have more control over when and where products are being picked up.